Brown Paper Bags @ 42 New Briggate

1 of a series of 3 shown at 42 New Briggate, Leeds in September 2007.

Bag sizes were 15x15mm, 17.5x17.5mm and 20x20mm approximately. Above is the largest size.
Alice Bradshaw 2007

Image courtesy of Gavin Freeborn.


Miniature Art Show Press Release

1st – 8th September 2007
Summer Season closing event – 8th Sept 5-8pm - Everyone welcome.
42 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU

42 New Briggate concludes a jam-packed Summer programme not so much with a grand finale but a critical mass of arty reductions. Its curious that in Leeds, a city which wants to 'be big on' every conceivable subject, artists have a track record of working with great success on the miniature-scale. Locker and doll's-house galleries including Lawrence Molloy's 'A Delicate Matter' and Harry Meadley's 1032 have provided the inspiration for this show of small works which will act as a round-up of the last couple of months activity in our similarly dinky gallery space.

Works have been acquired through an open submission and invitation format with loosely stipulated size restrictions. Over 25 artist's work will be accommodated into the gallery in various media ranging from postage-stamp painting to multiple edition bagged sculpture and food for the smallest of appetites. Many of the works will be available for purchase providing a rare opportunity to own some exhibits for those small of pocket. Refreshments provided on the night will be in keeping with the diminutive theme.

Artists include:

Lil Adams, Kamaljeet Ajimal, Steven Albutt , Mathew Atkinson, Alice Bradshaw, Claire Blundell-Jones, Gareth Brew, Gerry Brookes, Ailsa Burrows, Fran Burrows, Les Child, Luke Drozd, Amy Fowler, Lucy Gibson, Carly Gledhill, Karen Hall, Rachel Jesse, Chris Limb, Mark Madden, Tim Pulleyn, Bruce Rimmell, Ryan Riddington, Theo Reeves-Evison, Sophie Strong, Rona Smith, Rose Thompson.



1/10th scale

16x16mm approx.
made from a Brown Paper Bag 10 times this size.
Alice Bradshaw 2007


Brown Paper Bag Coaster

Alice Bradshaw 2007

Brown Paper Bag Box

Brown Paper Bag Box 60 x 35 x 35mm
Alice Bradshaw 2007

Brown Paper Bag with Box Net

Brown Paper Bag with Box Net 175 x 170mm
Alice Bradshaw 2007



The first 101 Brown Paper Bags will be distributed in the first issue of Talenteers Magazine