Brown Paper Bag Box to be screened at Evolution 09 with Projection Gallery


This eighth Evolution is a showcase for experimental contemporary film, video & sound art from artists who are currently leading their field in the UK and in an international context

May 13th – 16th

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LAUNCH EVENT: Wednesday 13th May 6-8pm Leeds Met Gallery

The Projection Gallery is a London based artists’ collective of fine artists in film and video, including a nominee for the 2009 Jerwood Drawing Prize

Projection Gallery One programme (70min) featuring work from; Alex Mirutziu, Vishal Shah, Dawn Wooley, Sarah Andrew, Christopher Clarke, Andrew Thomas, Dave Farnham, Sheena MacRae, Esther Johnson, Lucy Pawlack, Janet Curley Cannon, Sheena MacRae & Sayshun Jay

Projection Gallery Two programme (70min) featuring work from; Anne Guest, Kelly Dearsley, Alice Bradshaw Neil Bryant, Benjamin Cooper, Fred Lindberg, Stuart Simpson, Linda Persson, Giles Ripley, Christoph Steger, Marianna/Daniel O!Reilly, Lyn Lowenstein, Gunter Puller

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